You Must Become An IDEA! LeXXah Drew Poetry Sunday

You must become an idea
You must become a symbol so that people can distinct you the mortal and you as the immortal.
You must separate yourself from the every day person and become greater than the every day person, but never too high where you can’t relate or connect with the people you are presenting the idea to.
You must be unique and accepted by the people and the idea you portray must grow. It must take the people on a journey, an adventure. An idea is much like the story of Bruce Wayne becoming a symbol (Batman) to fight against crime.

LeXXah Drew Model Magazine

My Style, My Image, My Look, My Sexy, My Role, I Am LeXXah Drew Baby!

Mine is Lexxah Drew a performing, recording and entertaining artistic symbol to successfully market, promote & sell my brand & my music, but most of all, lyrics, songwriting for other artists.

People want and desire an idea to believe in, to relate, to rock to on a day to day basis. Its not something to take lightly. People want to be entertained. People want to be in fantasies and see something they have never seen before. In a way, you gotta be kinda crazy, gotta kinda lose yaself, think outside the box, but remain who you are, staying true to who you are. This can sometimes be tricky, but it can be done. Trust in your abilities and what you can do and give a lasting first impression. Give a symbol to the people that they can respect and love. That’s the type of idea that people are willing to follow.

-Lexxah Drew it-

Instagram & Cinegram: @LeXXahDrew


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