The Word, “If”

We’ve all heard it before, “if this would of happened”, “if that would’ve happened, I would be here, I would be there.”

“If” is that word that’s always suspect. It’s equivalent to the word maybe or probably it’s futuristic of the already taken place past.

Some things we wish existed or would have turned out another way.

If another turn was taken or if I made a different decision, the questions always arise, but the crazy truth about it all is that we will never know the answer.

The answer will never be revealed. You’ll never see an inkling of what could of been.

Laying Down Thinkin’ about what I’m thinkin’ about! I am LeXXah Drew

That’s the way life works. That’s the way if works.

It can burn you on the inside. And I believe that even though the word “if” is troublesome, it’s also beautiful.


It is what makes life so unpredictable. Once you make a choice, you will never see the other choice ever again. You will never have that moment of what could of been.

It’s like what Achilles said in “Troy”, “Life is more beautiful because we are doomed.” in every decision we make.

I like to refer to it as an opportunity cost or a calculated risk. In all situations there is always “if”. Always.

I think there is more hate for the word than love, but no matter what, it does exist.

Think about it, what “if” you didn’t stop by my Blog post and read this blog, you would probably be occupied doing something else. Instead you took time out to read this.

It’s an “iffy” thing isn’t it? Because if I didn’t write this blog about this topic, I probably would of wrote it about something else!!!!!

The eeriness of if!

-LeXXah Drew It-


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