Miami Heat Minglin’ with FIRE!!!

Lord knows, I LOVE my Heat, but I think ALL Heat fans can agree that we are mingling with FIRE!!!

Heat SuperStar Power

We have seen a glimpse of the future, witnessing a taste of what a powerhouse the Heat can be. These last 2 games have shown, what most sports editors have referred to the Heat as mortal, vulnerable, etc.

I look at those words and they make my stomach quench. As a fan I hate to see those types of adjectives when describing my favorite team, but from a basketball player and Coach point of view, its not that bad.

I believe the Heat have a clever, nifty strategy of playing with fire, meaning during regular season not showing all their colors or showing all of their cards. We are building up to the climax, the playoffs, the Finals. Yes, we are still improving our chemistry as any other team, trying to get better, but the Heat are not concerned.

I look at the game against Memphis and Houston and as a fan I got really worked up, frustrated throughout the game, trying to figure out, why these dudes were not playing up to their potential. But like last season, Miami struggled with their perimeter defense. Defending the opposing team’s 3 point shooters has always been a hassle for us. But then again, late in the season around playoff time, we figured it out. We became the fire and opponent team’s could not put us out.

The game against Memphis was a lost cost from the start. The Heat did not come out with any fire, any sense of urgency or passion, especially on the defensive end. Offense was there, but between turnovers and not playing to our identity as Coach Spoe often puts it, we didn’t give ourselves a chance.
It became Deja Vu, the Knicks game opener pretty much.

When I witness these types of games, I look at these games as messages being sent to the teams around the league. Every team is trying to figure Miami out and the crazy thing is, is that all 29 teams are working together. Putting their professional high IQ cliff notes together and finding ways and strategies to beat the 2012 NBA Champs.

2012 NBA Champions, the Miami Heat

That’s in the back of my mind all the time. The game against Houston, on paper, we should not have won, but we pulled out that ugly grind out game and came out with the “W”. The Rockets ran the same exact play on us and it took us forever to make adjustments. We made 2 key defensive stops during clutch time that really helped us execute down the stretch, not to mention LBJ’s heroic offense that carried us to victory! Outstanding might I add.

The Heat have been exposed and have been exploited badly, but as bad as it may seem its actually a good thing. First of all, I would rather it happen now then later in the season, so to give us time to address these weaknesses and also to keep misleading the rest of the 29 teams. I kind of actually like the fact that we are at this moment appearing mortal and vulnerable in the eyes of other teams. Its almost like a camouflage of blending in with everybody else but not. Its giving the media the edge on focusing on other teams doing well such as the Knicks, Memphis, even the Lakers, so that just for awhile we go under the radar.

Heat, heating up the bench

The Heat are already a talk of the town priority because we won the championship, a little less attention won’t hurt. It is a huge gamble to play with fire in my opinion and mingling with fire is very dangerous, but when has anything for the Heat NOT been dangerous since the arrival of Lebron James & Chris Bosh from 2 years ago and now the acquiring of Ray Allen & Rashard Lewis and who knows, possibly Kenyon Martin!!!

The Heat will always have a huge target on the back. And its going to be like that from here on out. That’s one thing I can say, no one is sleeping on the Heat, we are just too Hot, literally.

Become the FIRE!

It will be interesting to see how the game plays out on tonight against the Clippers. As any Heat fan, I am expecting the “W”. It will be challenging though. It won’t be anything like the pre-season games in China. We are going into the Clippers house who just might be taking over LA (Hint, hint). I’m excited about it and will be watching.

Playing with FIRE on tonight is not advised, but playing with FIRE is advised. I hope you understood what I meant. The Heat have more losses than wins against this Clipper team and I most definitely would like to address that by getting that “W” on tonight. But we all know what the end goal for Miami is and that’s repeating as champions, building the legacy, the dynasty of which, Pat Riley spoke of in bringing these Superstars and team together.

Let’s Go Heat! HeatNation ALL Day! Don’t Hate and don’t Imitate. Teams can’t be us nor like us, we have our own thing going on. Its called, Heat Identity!

-LeXXah Drew It-


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