The Earrings MESSAGE:


I wear earrings because I want to look pretty.

I need a different look, a new feel to change how I see myself in the mirror.

I want to look upon myself in another light to remind me that there is beauty on the inside of me even if it is outside adornment for a moment.

I want to view my innocence, to forget how people use to look at me and how they may look at me now. Not that it matters because I have matured. But still, the way you meet the public does matter.

I want to feel confident. I want to smile and be happy with the way that I look. My approval means everything, my attitude means alot, I gotta feel good about how I look.

I want to convince myself that I’m a Big Girl, that I mean something to me.

I want to show these moments to my kids. I want to display the peace about my appearance.

Its about being somebody to me, accepting myself as who I am and all that I can be.

To be a stellar chick, lady and woman, wearing them supports all that, upscale and prestigious style. I love the elegance.

I am elegant and prestigious.

I want to compliment my facial features, to breathe with ease, to enjoy my youth and delete negative stress if and when present.

I want to look, feel and do better than I did and was on yesterday.

I can see me in the right way, a beautiful way, a magnificent way……….


-LeXXah Drew It-

Instagram & Cinegram: @LeXXahDrew


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