You Learn a Whole lot About People when the Subject of “MONEY” Comes Up!

All you can do is laugh.

And if not that, all you can do is just show no emotion about it. Don’t entertain the ignorance.

After awhile, when you bring up money when it comes to selling your product or art or whatever you do, you just become immune to it. There is a mutual understanding without going any further.

For the most part, you save some time because you don’t have to entertain a person for too long. You are able to get to the meat of the discussion. Literally!

Really, its a deal breaker to find out whose really full of sh………….!!!!! Imma keep it Rated PG though, for the kids. LeXX Loves the Kids!

Yes, its annoying. Especially when you know and they know that you’re product is good, great quality, distinguished, worth every penny. But then you bring up that word, “money” and people get shady so quick. I think its the sound of it. It could be that it is a trigger word to run people off.

Cuz you know, everybody is a fan or a supporter or a customer until you mention that topic, “money” and then everybody goes dumb founded. You start to hear crickets, the room goes empty or no one understands what you’re saying. Its like you’re speaking a totally new different language.

They just flip the script with you. Like, “were we just having a conversation.” The dialogue literally goes mute and they just forget what the whole conversation was about. Or there is no response from a direct message, a tweet, an Instagram comment and/or Facebook comment.

I guess they were diagnosed with the mute syndrome, instantaneously. The, “I’m allergic to money talk.” And its only on the end where you’re asking for someone to support you. The giving is the problem. I think we can all agree on that everybody is down to take money, who wouldn’t?

But if you really want to learn a whole lot about a person, people, supporters, fans, bring up the subject, “Money” and you will find out very quickly who believes in you, who supports you, who really likes you and is willing to invest in you. Its almost like finding out who your real friends are when you get into trouble, when things ain’t looking too good for the home team.

True colors come out the wood works. And again, its nothing to be mad about. And I’ll be honest, it does hurt. It can be a rude awakening if you’re a baby to it all, but suck it up and keep going. Unfortunately, that’s just the way life is.

There is a saying that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but it makes sense, “Give to those that have.” which means giving not to those who don’t have.

I say this to bring up this point…….

Now these things may not apply if you have an already BIG name or you’re well known or you are coming up fast in a hot market. But, other than that its rough. Just look at how hard it is to get people, fans, & supporters to purchase your $0.99 Single on iTunes! Its crazy. You have to have some serious backing and/or serious buzz.

There’s nothing to hide, lets just be real about this. You know. Either you’ve been through it or someone you know has been through it. But no emotion is needed. Why show emotion if it just is!

-LeXXah Drew It-


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