Why Fried Chicken Loves Me!!!


…………………because in actuality, it hates me with a passion.

You see, fried chicken tried to kill me from the inside, out.

I was 10 years old and my peoples watched me eat the fried chicken and they laughed at me.

My face started to break out and disfigure much like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and still they laughed at me.

I was eating my fried chicken and scratching every bump and lump that formed on my skin. This is what you call a serious reaction or food allergy.

Was I scared? Naw, I wasn’t scared.

Was I crazy? Yea, a little bit

It was so good. It rejected me without cause, but you know what I did?

I broke it! It took some years, but I broke it. I worked on it and it had no choice but to come to terms with my immune system.

I could of pressed charges against fried chicken, coulda put it away for life. But rehab was the answer. There was a new found love that fried chicken had developed for me.

It saw that through the attempted murder, torture, malice and malcontent that I still had love in my heart for it.

I killed fried chicken with kindness.

It was too much beauty for it to handle. My purity & goodness would not budge. I would not give into bitterness and hatred and grudges.

I knew I was better than that. That if I could just show fried chicken that all I desired was peace and tranquility, that it would love me the same way as I loved it.

And let me tell you, God mended our relationship. And since the breakthrough, we haven’t had not one problem. I had no more fatal reactions. Fried chicken started laughing with me instead of at me. It flowed through my system with ease, like water, but with a crunchy canyon texture.

It was beautiful.

Fried chicken loves me because I first loved it.

I’ll never forget our story and this is based on a true story, you can ask my Momma.

I wrote every word with a straight face. It is a testimony, I shall never forget.

But this is why fried chicken loves me. We went through, but we found healing and the light.

It wasn’t easy, but God knew all along what the end result would be.

He show did.

-LeXXah Drew It-



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