No PAUSE Button!

Once you enter you can’t stop. There is no break time, There is no going back to watching film thoroughly until after the game is over, you already have to have that together.


You should of been prepared because you knew. You know what is always at stake. You felt it before it started. It was preconceived.

The battlefield pauses for no one. Even when it seems like there is a pause button, really there isn’t. You’ve just delayed time. You are still in the heat of battle. You’re in a gunfire fight.

We allow our minds to slow down just enough so that we can take note on what’s happening, but its all happening so fast. Its called mind over body.

Do we have a pause button for living, for breathing…………..”Yes and NO, but moreso NO.”

When we sneeze, our hearts stop for a moment, “God Bless You.” But then keeps going. The break from life is not long. Pause means pause, it doesn’t mean stop, it doesn’t mean death.

You pick up where your momentum left you. You pick up from the middle of your train of thought or from the middle of a sentence. You pick up from where your foot was going to step next.

You pick up from what you were going to say, what you were going to do. The PLAY Button is always active unless you’re dead.

Momentum can shift from the breaks that breach the flow of what will come or hasn’t come, but will come.

You agreed to the task, the mission, the project. It was a binding contract before you started. You joined the team, you signed that piece of paper, YOU WERE BORN!


Someone had an influence on activating your game, your life and thats just how it is.

Now what in the world am I talking about………………….

You know what I speak of. I don’t have to tell you. You are smart enough to figure it out. If I told you, it would be no fun. You would miss out on the whole objective and point in which I speak of.


You see those dots!? I spoke the word, but did you PAUSE reading? did you PAUSE breathing? did you PAUSE looking? did you PAUSE blinking? Did you go to the next word in this blog? Did your thoughts continue to move from left to right?

What did you do?

Its rhetorical. But it kept going. There is no PAUSE Button. You just proved it because you’re still playing the game. You are still alive and you have just moved on to the next scene of your life.

-LeXXah Drew It-

Instagram & Cinegram: @LeXXahDrew