Inspired by Disney – “Imma Little Princess” AK GirlZ, Two 8 Year olds, Pop Girl Group

the AK GirlZ perform their SINGLE, “Imma Little Princess”, written by the Alexis Wilson Song Factory llc. and inspired by Disney’s Princesses. They are a gifted singing girl duo that love to have fun, play, sing, smile, laugh and perform at a high level in all that they do including the classroom.

Their not just pretty, but they are smart and have BIG dreams and goals! Their names are Anyia and Kalani. They are both 8 year old 3rd graders in Atlanta, Georgia. They are doing it big in the studio and on stage. Be on the look out for more of the AK GirlZ.

The Official AK GirlZ Facebook Page is now up & active. JOIN & LIKE their page @

“Imma Little Princess”
Written by the Alexis Wilson Song Factory llc.
Music Track by Slantize
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Songwriting is more than just writing lyrics!


Its actually writing a SONG! A song that has a hot melodic structure, strong content, movement, consistency in verse quality, smooth transitions, marketability, a strong catchy hook, a unique concept that reaches the market in which you are trying to reach, vocal production, vocal arrangements, conviction and feeling, and last but not least, growth.

After you finish with the song, it should have the ability to stand the test of time.

This is what songwriting is. Songwriting is what makes the song complete. As a creator in lyrics, you have to take in account all these areas that I have listed above. One feature of it is just as important as the next feature. They are all needed in order to come to the product finale of a stellar hit marketable song that can be placed in a variety of multi-media.

Songwriting is not easy for those who think it is. When you take into account the characteristics, its very tedious. It is imperative to be a student and stay on top of hot topics, melodic structures, dynamics and animation within a song. Music is constantly changing, you must know how to change with it.

Writing songs is in my DNA. I understand what it takes to put together a great song, a hit song. I have a formula, but my formula may not be the same as yours. It is something that one must find as you focus in on your craft.

Its so important for people to understand what songwriting really is. I’m writing this to open up the minds of writers that its way bigger than what you may see on the surface. You are putting together a film, a scene and in that film and scene, you have to see the whole picture not just one aspect of it.

Paint the masterpiece of your song. Fill in the darker darks and the lighter lights. Let the audience know where the light source is coming from and where the shadows will hit. Choose your medium well, your target market. accomplish the goals of every stroke to gear towards that market while maintaining the identity and personality of the subject matter. The concept and you as its host, must be one. I know you can hear it. break down and build to inherit its proximity (the art term). It is a beautiful thing!

-LeXXah Drew It-

“Selective STUPID!!!!”

Some people have selective hearing. Some people claim it and then some people don’t claim it.

Then you have those who are just plain shady out of nowhere or in this case, selective stupid.

Ever been around someone who just all of a sudden goes ignorant? They don’t remember the last discussion you had with them, which was pretty important?
Or you call to follow up and stupid comments or temporary amnesia arises when it’s evident that that person has no history of that disorder.


It’s crazy. I thought I heard it all, had seen it all, but that definitely isn’t the case. It’s definitely a choice that people seem to make, choosing to be selective stupid.

I honestly don’t understand it. I feel like if you have the audacity to be selective stupid, be stupid all the time. At least then I can expect tge stupidity consistently from you. I’d have respect for you in that regard, but the inconsistency and hiatus of the concept will not suffice with me.

You see the selective stupid a whole lot in the music industry. It meshes so well with the shadiness. people forget, beat around the bush, try to hurry up and get off the phone. Lol. And the communication will be like once every 2 and 3 months, if that.

Sometimes the selective stupid is misleading and you are trying to figure out what went wrong. Why all of a sudden the communication just went bunkers after a conversation or two.

But I think the main thing is just understanding that selective stupidity does exist. It is alive and well. U can’t really stop it or avoid it. It can jump into anybody these days, but you keep going.

It lets you know who is for and who is not. Or the for you part is broken down into specific periods. It’s not for the long hall.

-LeXXah Drew It-

“LeXXah Drew It” Banner By Alexis L.R.

Advertising and promoting my artwork on a whole new level. Elevating the game, “LeXXah Drew It” banner by Alexis L.R. Visual Artist.

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Written by the Alexis Wilson Song Factory LLC.

My Tag & Signature, “LeXXah Drew It”


Because I did it.
I Drew it.
Did you know that a canvas can be anything. A canvas can be the ground, the air, a stool, a computer screen, a sheet of paper, a piece of wood, a stellar music track, the mic, a wall, you get the point.

I draw on these canvases all the time.

My Mother & my Father taught me at a young age that anytime I do something, a task, an assignment, a project or whatever it may be, that when I’m finished, people should view my work as the best, high quality, distinguished, astronomical and prestigious, why? Because my name is on it. My signature is on that project and on the track. People will know the worth and value of my work and when they ask who did it? The word on the street will be…

LeXXah Drew It!

I take pride in anything and everything I do. I want people to know what I do and what I did. I want people to say, “Man, that song was all that, it gave me goosebumps or that song is HOT! I want to hear more of her, where can I go to check her out!”

I want people to say, “Man, that art piece was off the chain who did it?”

LeXXah Drew It!

“Man, that blog was beautiful and so was that poem, who wrote that?”

LeXXah Drew It!

You should think of my tag and signature not so much as a first and last name, but moreso as a phrase because really that’s what it is.

Even without the “It” at the end, “LeXXah Drew” is still a phrase. The cool thing about it is I use a whole lot of capital letters. What can I say, I love breaking the rules, breaking the norms and being different.

Attention to detail is huge for me. It’s something that separates the professionals from the amateurs. Even with something little as a phrase.

I am a Multi Artist at a very high level. And when people hear me, see me, hear my work, see my work, read my writings, my blogs, watch my videos etc. all will know LeXXah Drew It!

Yea, my phrase is past tense, but that just means I’m working on yet another stellar joint, record, drawing. I’m about that life, all studio flows. Didn’t you get the memo, there’s not just one studio flow, but many.

This is my tag and this is my signature. Like it or not,

-LeXXah Drew It-


I am a songwriter
LeXXah Drew is a songwriter
LeXXah writes songs for a living.
She is cold at writing songs.
LeXXah Drew is a part of a songwriting team called, the Alexis Wilson Song Factory LLC.
Writing songs is what LeXXah Drew & her team does.
Other than songwriting we write songs.
I love writing songs.
In every song, we produce the vocals, arrangements and melodic structures.
We are songwriters.

So, in that section, what can you conclude about me? If you get it wrong, just read that section over again.


I am a visual artist
I see things visually and then I draw them.
I draw visual masterpieces all the time.
I love drawing.
Drawing and designing things artistically is what I do for a living.
I am a designer, visual artist and illustrator.
I am a freelance artist with Tinsley’s LeXarT llc. Graphics & Printing
I am a talented artist, visually and musically.

So, in that section, what can you conclude about me? If you get it wrong, just read that section over again.


I am a basketball player
I love playing basketball
Basketball is my first love
Between singing, writing songs, drawing or playing basketball, I would choose playing basketball because out of everything that is where my heart is.
Hooping is fun.
LeXX got game, mad skills on the court.

Basketball is my favorite sport.

I really like playing basketball.

So, in that section, what can you conclude about me? If you get it wrong, just read that section over again.

-LeXXah Drew It-