Complicated Chick

Imma complicated chick
That feels passionate about the things categorized as, “other” it’s just different.
Imma complicated chick
That mingles closely to the concept, “from listening comes wisdom”
Imma complicated chick
Because the madness in this world, in my community makes me angry. I let it go & it comes back & I let it go & continue to move with purpose.
Imma complicated chick
That knows that in this world money is the savior of life.
It’s a jacked up situation! I know.
Imma complicated chick
Who sits in her room & cries about conflict of interest & it’s effect on those who have not. It’s called sincerity not pity.
Imma complicated chick
Who speaks boldly about sports as if I get paid millions of dollars to commentate. This thing is serious.
Imma complicated chick who hates the idol power of the dollar, the root of its sickness & the contradicting advertising that fuels the id, to lust after lust & materialistic things.
Imma complicated chick
That is gifted, since the day I was born. They were ordained wealthy, so the host shall be so too. I spoke it and so therefore I believe it.
Imma complicated chick
I live life as action with very little or absence of no words.
Imma complicated chick
Because even when people think they understand my mind, my spirit, my disposition,………….they really don’t.
Imma complicated chick
Didn’t you know!!?? Imma female. I have too much estrogen not to be. I’m just bein honest.
Imma complicated chick
Just because a person says no, doesn’t mean that they didn’t say yes. This my friend is about perception. Will you fight? Or just accept?
Imma complicated chick
I work hard for myself, for my team, for those who I support & support me. I be lookin out.
Imma complicated chick
The popular thing ain’t my thing. The popular thing for me is the unpopular things. I’s is a peculiar person.
Yea, imma complicated chick
My clutter is what makes me beautiful. Everything is more beautiful because of doom’s existence. I’m really cool with Achille’s.
Imma complicated chick

-LeXXah Drew It-

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U Just Might Learn Something’ If U “LISTEN!!!!”

But maybe you won’t learn nothin’, cuz you already know everything………right!!!??

You are an expert on life and you have the formula down to a science. Why should you listen?

Other than the fact that listening could save your life, one, is submitting to welcoming in growth and development, learning from past mistakes, addressing weaknesses and flaws.

You know people often forget the power of listening. People know the power of speaking. 9 times out of ten, most people are quick to speak and shun the listening part. But listening is just as important if not more important than the speaking side of the laws of communication. Just like speaking and articulating is a muscle that is so popularly used by the human specie, so is listening.

Many people are not good at it. It takes practice and sometimes you have to be silly about it just so that people can understand it a little better. Silly like that stupid recording that ESPN replays of Allen Iverson’s press conference on “Practice!” Someone is bound to get offended, but its true. Sometimes it takes some silliness just to get the point across. I think we can all agree that no one likes to be clowned.

I took a listening class in college and I have to say, it was quite engaging. When I first saw it in the curriculum catalog, I was intrigued that the subject of listening was an actual class. I was very much interested in improving my listening skills. There was one thing that stuck out to me though. A quote that I love and still use to this day.

“From listening comes wisdom and from speaking comes repentance!”

From listening comes the application of knowledge, not just knowledge. The knowledge can be applied to real life and it becomes something else entirely. That’s what I want. Listening takes you to a whole new level of communication. It is an action word where your brain interprets the information that is being supplied to you or that you are observing and then doing something with it. Through listening one, is always gaining and retaining like a sponge. Through listening it is like a computer being uploaded with new software.

Your mind and perception is growing. It is being opened up. It is opening up to understanding people, the way things are, being aware, expanding critical thinking, investigating deeper when it comes to problem solving. It’s another metamorphosis of the concept, “mind over body.”

In speaking, talking, chatting, gossiping, and anything else along those lines, not in all cases, but in most cases, people end up repenting or regretting things that they say. We have all been guilty of this. But even so, those who have learned from this bad habit and seed, have probably focused in a little bit more on listening, strengthening that muscle. It doesn’t come over night, especially if you’re use to talking someone’s ear off.

Those people who have learned, have grasped the importance of listening. You should try it, if you haven’t and I’m talking about the real trying where you are making an effort to shun that jump to, speaking impulses. Hey, you just might learn something. You just might move up that latter more efficiently in maturation. It just might save you from self-destruction. It just might remind you how beautiful it is to not speak and to just steadfast and be silent.

It isn’t a bad thing. So don’t look at it that way. Take pride in listening. You don’t have to listen to me, but try listening to your loved ones. Really take in what they are saying. Try listening to the people you hang around. Once you start listening you may find out a whole lot more about the people you hang with than that which is on the surface. You may learn something you didn’t know or never knew about a person and because you started listening and interpreting that information, it opened your eyes. It opened your heart. It made you aware of what’s really going on.

You just might learn something if you just listen!

-LeXXah Drew It-

Songwriting is more than just writing lyrics!


Its actually writing a SONG! A song that has a hot melodic structure, strong content, movement, consistency in verse quality, smooth transitions, marketability, a strong catchy hook, a unique concept that reaches the market in which you are trying to reach, vocal production, vocal arrangements, conviction and feeling, and last but not least, growth.

After you finish with the song, it should have the ability to stand the test of time.

This is what songwriting is. Songwriting is what makes the song complete. As a creator in lyrics, you have to take in account all these areas that I have listed above. One feature of it is just as important as the next feature. They are all needed in order to come to the product finale of a stellar hit marketable song that can be placed in a variety of multi-media.

Songwriting is not easy for those who think it is. When you take into account the characteristics, its very tedious. It is imperative to be a student and stay on top of hot topics, melodic structures, dynamics and animation within a song. Music is constantly changing, you must know how to change with it.

Writing songs is in my DNA. I understand what it takes to put together a great song, a hit song. I have a formula, but my formula may not be the same as yours. It is something that one must find as you focus in on your craft.

Its so important for people to understand what songwriting really is. I’m writing this to open up the minds of writers that its way bigger than what you may see on the surface. You are putting together a film, a scene and in that film and scene, you have to see the whole picture not just one aspect of it.

Paint the masterpiece of your song. Fill in the darker darks and the lighter lights. Let the audience know where the light source is coming from and where the shadows will hit. Choose your medium well, your target market. accomplish the goals of every stroke to gear towards that market while maintaining the identity and personality of the subject matter. The concept and you as its host, must be one. I know you can hear it. break down and build to inherit its proximity (the art term). It is a beautiful thing!

-LeXXah Drew It-

When People Look Atchu Funny………….

Just look at them funny back.

Rude cancels out rude, it’s just like math. Reciprocate it with class!

They won’t get mad at you or anything. They can’t. You don’t even have to dwell on it. Just keep going. All kinds of distractions will come and try to plague you, your mind, your body, your spirit. But you are better for it. They are challenges that come to help strengthen you. It’s all about how you perceive it, how you handle it, how you take it.

Just be easy. Don’t let a person declare power and dominion over you by letting them control you, control your day and allow you to take speak void words that act as a poison to your being. Don’t even waste your breath, utilize it for something beautiful.

That’s how you look at them funny back, by killing them with kindness, by showing them that you are way BIGGER than someone’s funny lookin’ face. You get grown with them, where, that’s all they can do is look atchu funny, but that’s it, nothing else. They seek your reaction and attention as ultimate glory. They triumph in the way it makes you feel in a negative way.

When people look atchu funny, it is because you do walk the way you walk, talk the way you talk and why you possess what was given to you by a higher being. Then again, it could be just to be nasty. You have those characters out there as well, just lurking around to pose their bitterness and sourness on others.

When people look atchu funny, just know that you have done your job. You received from them what they couldn’t get from you. The fact that they even bothered to make a funny face is a compliment. They noticed you. They gave you attention. You weren’t expecting it, but it came to you in the coolest way.

So just be sure to say,  “Thank you! Thank you for your funny expression and the words that followed behind it, it was beautiful. It was touching. You made me feel like a star! I am that much more closer of accomplishing my goals.” How!!!?? Because you gave me more ammunition!

-LeXXah Drew It-

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Continue 2 Be LOUD!


Don’t be a SUCKER!

Don’t settle for SILENCE when it comes to your dreams.

So you get DOWN.


But then you get back up, dust yourself off and go even harder.

Witta vengeance.

You’ve heard the word, “No”, “Go On Somewhere”, “kick rocks”

You’ve felt the rejection.

Crushed, tears, heart breaking, smacked in the face……..

It hurts……….

you like WHY!!!????

Somethin’s gotta give right?


But it won’t give unless you CONTINUE 2 Be LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They gone keep ignoring you.

They gone keep shunning away from you.

They gone keep downplaying what you do.

It can be for all kinds of reasons……..

It can be for this, that and the other.

Man, who cares,


Make yo voice heard!

Make it soar.

Make it rain like thunder

Bring the heat in your actions………

Be a student of the game you wish to play in.

Be Positive!

Influence the young wit wisdom.

Uplift yo brotha, yo sista

Don’t do it for me……….for you, do it for us.

Be the sum of the part that makes a community whole.



Which word did you hear LOUDER!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Stay motivated.

Don’t be scared!

Be tall amongst the trees.

Be firm and spread your arms like the branches.

Reinvent yourself in every quarter of the seasons.

Let your work speak volumes, so that you can speak less.


I wrote it for you On Tha Fly!

-LeXXah Drew It-

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My Tag & Signature, “LeXXah Drew It”


Because I did it.
I Drew it.
Did you know that a canvas can be anything. A canvas can be the ground, the air, a stool, a computer screen, a sheet of paper, a piece of wood, a stellar music track, the mic, a wall, you get the point.

I draw on these canvases all the time.

My Mother & my Father taught me at a young age that anytime I do something, a task, an assignment, a project or whatever it may be, that when I’m finished, people should view my work as the best, high quality, distinguished, astronomical and prestigious, why? Because my name is on it. My signature is on that project and on the track. People will know the worth and value of my work and when they ask who did it? The word on the street will be…

LeXXah Drew It!

I take pride in anything and everything I do. I want people to know what I do and what I did. I want people to say, “Man, that song was all that, it gave me goosebumps or that song is HOT! I want to hear more of her, where can I go to check her out!”

I want people to say, “Man, that art piece was off the chain who did it?”

LeXXah Drew It!

“Man, that blog was beautiful and so was that poem, who wrote that?”

LeXXah Drew It!

You should think of my tag and signature not so much as a first and last name, but moreso as a phrase because really that’s what it is.

Even without the “It” at the end, “LeXXah Drew” is still a phrase. The cool thing about it is I use a whole lot of capital letters. What can I say, I love breaking the rules, breaking the norms and being different.

Attention to detail is huge for me. It’s something that separates the professionals from the amateurs. Even with something little as a phrase.

I am a Multi Artist at a very high level. And when people hear me, see me, hear my work, see my work, read my writings, my blogs, watch my videos etc. all will know LeXXah Drew It!

Yea, my phrase is past tense, but that just means I’m working on yet another stellar joint, record, drawing. I’m about that life, all studio flows. Didn’t you get the memo, there’s not just one studio flow, but many.

This is my tag and this is my signature. Like it or not,

-LeXXah Drew It-

Remember What You Wrote……….

……..So that many years from now you can remember how you thought, what you thought and how you grew.

It’s a great reference for self-evaluation.

I look at things that I’ve written in the past and it just amazes me to see how I was thinking and the ideas that came across my mind. It’s just crazy thinking about it.

The cool thing about it is, when I read past writings or stories or blogs, I can feel that exact moment and feeling that I felt when I wrote it. The atmosphere around my mind just comforts my mindset and I sit there and laugh or smile. Its like I’m sitting there watching myself from days ago or years ago.

Remembering what you wrote can allow you to remember not only who you were then, but who you want to be. Sometimes the moments of the past can do that. We as people go through transformations daily. We are forever and always reconstructing our identity because believe it or not, we are constantly changing.

The goal in life is to get better, wouldn’t you say?

Remembering what you wrote can help you understand the thought process of not only what you had, but the thought process of your own child. You can relate at a more personable level to remind you that you were once a child. At one point in time you thought like this and did this or you went through this and thought this way.

In those moments when they come to be, you don’t have to contradict yourself in teaching or disciplining in your child. You don’t have to condemn them for actions, thoughts and growing pains that they have because you as the parent went through it yourself.

History repeats itself and so you can witness similar mistakes and/or tendencies and still you can laugh because you know that, that was you at one point. I know not everyone has a child or children, but it is a unique analogy that demonstrates the value and purpose of remembering what you wrote.

It is much like practicing what you preach, but not all that you have written is about teaching. The ideas and concepts that you come up with or emotions that you had in a particular situation or a trial that you went through and you learned from it.


Remember what you wrote not just for your self venting, motivation, encouragement and reinventing purposes, but remember what you wrote to help you help understand someone else and not according to you, but for them. Scenarios will never be exactly the same, but your lyrics, your writings, your poems, your short stories, your memoirs, your persuasion pieces, your diaries, your blog entries, your books, your songs and your side notes are references to not only your life, but a life and lives to be.

Think of it as grooming and molding. Remember what you wrote. Go back to the beginnings of your chapters. There will be pain, sorrow, happiness, joy, excitement, laughter and many other emotions, but it is your testimony of how far you have come. You went through and you came out. You created something and it was beautiful. You learned something and you taught it to someone else who needed to hear it and read it. You were down about something, but you used those words of yours to motivate and uplift morale. And it all came from what you wrote.


-LeXXah Drew It-

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I Could Write 4EVER!

Its kinda like how a person is BSin’ all the time. Won’t shutup. Talkin’ much about nothin, the part 2 version and its like dang, don’t you get tired of hearing yourself.

Okay, maybe its not to that extent. Take out all the negative parts and make them positive and that idea is exactly what I’m talking about.

There is so much to say and in this case, there is enough time to say it in. Writing can go as long as you can go. I write inside my thought process all the time. It takes me not time to get down what I’m trying to say or trying to convey.

I don’t have to read a book that some big time author wrote to grab ideas to think up topics. I claim the title, concept. I am creativity. I am a writer.

My writing covers ground in the form of drawing on canvas, in the form of typing, in the form of old school, picking up a pencil or pen and laying down thoughts on paper. Yea, I still find that to be quite popular.

But the truth is, sometimes so much passion of life just gets trapped inside your head that you can’t keep it all in. I pray about stuff. And I share personal things with people close to me, but then their is that one on one venting with yourself.

Its a zone you enter that drives you so fast into that vanishing point and it doesn’t stop. You see things along the road, along the way and you find enlightenment to share with someone else.

It doesn’t have to be your story. All it takes is one line, sentence or stanza of a blog, a piece of writing, a novel, a short story, a poem, a memo, a memoir, a persuasion piece, a letter to catch a person’s attention. To engage the reader and grab the mind to revert back to a particular feeling or moment in their life.

That’s all it takes. Writing can have that effect. Sometimes having all the fluffery and prettiness of a writing piece is necessary to fulfill the mission in which was set out to accomplish.

I say that because I am an explorer of writing. Do you ever ask yourself why you write? What is your goal, your mission? What do you hope to gain or give in your venture of writing?

Peace be multiplied.

-LeXXah Drew It-

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I approach it with innocence.

I approach with love

I approach it because I believe I have something significant and something beautiful to offer in the artistic form of words.

I approach it with a huge desire to uplift, educate, entertain while providing wisdom on a variety of topics.

I didn’t say knowledge. Knowledge is one thing, but wisdom is on a whole new level. Its about application for me.

This is all new for me. I may not write or blog like the traditional or veteran bloggers, but that’s okay, because I have my own way, my own thing going on, my own style, my own flavor. There’s only one LeXXah Drew, baby!

I not only believe in providing stellar performances on the mic, in my music, when I draw on canvas, when I write lyrics, when I create a step, when I design a cover or make a video, but I’m bringing it when I blog and I’m not following any set rules.

Imma Blog Baby.


A Blog Baby means always learning, always creating, always trying NEW THINGS, always improving and getting better when it comes to expressing the mind, the body and the gifts you’ve been Blessed with. It is having the guts and not being afraid to do things differently. You have not been diluted or conformed to the ways of the world. You have not been institutionalized. You exercise your innocence or what you have left of it to draw and talk and see the world differently than the common person. After all, that is what a baby does anyway.

Haven’t you ever witnessed the beauty of a baby’s thought process? It truly is a magnificent sight.

To my parents, I will always be their baby. No matter how old I am. This my friend is all about perception.

Imma Blog Baby

-LeXXah Drew It-


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