Yo PRE-SEASON Does Matter!

Okay, let’s get something straight right now. I know some people shrug they shoulders and turn up they nose when it comes to PRE-season, but I think that’s just a mechanism to save face, especially if your team has lost most of their PRE-season games, if not all of them.

Here’s NEWS for you though, PRE-SEASON MATTERS people!!!!!

No these aren’t regular season games, but they have much significance. PRE-season is a good measuring stick to see what is to come for every team in the league.

It’s a measuring stick to see what needs to be worked on before going into regular season. This is the time to polish up on learning plays, getting chemistry down and even though most of the major conditioning happens during training camp. Teams are still polishing up their conditioning for the season.

Dwyane Wade said in a interview on last season during the 2011-2012 pre-season that you can do all the conditioning in the world, individual workouts, training and all, but its nothing compared to playing in actual games because of the speed of the game, the physical beatings you take during the game.

He stated that you try your best to prepare as best as you can, but you won’t be fully in shape until you get out there.

PRE-season allows guys to really see where they are and that’s from a player point of view.

From the coaching staffs point of view, it is a great opportunity to see how players will be played, what lineups could be used, whose coming off the bench, whose starting, what changes need to be made on both ends of the floor, adding and/or creating new plays, incorporating new tactics, managing playing time & more.

I’m sure their are other things and if you know some, would love to hear from you. But, this is all that comes with PRE-season. No it doesn’t count in the wins & loss columns, but you are able to see what teams are ready and what teams are not, what teams are on the rise and growing and what teams appear to be stagnant or a lot like last season.

You are able to see how the changes of player personnel has made the team better or made the team worse, or just okay.

We are also able to see, those players who are coming off of an injury, how they will bounce back for the start of the season.

Oh yea, in addition, guys are called up from the d-league, which gives them a chance to show the coaching staff & GM, what they can do out on the court & have a chance to get a spot on that 15 man roster. This also includes guys who were undrafted. Somebody is going to get cut or waived etc.

And then you still have to think guys are still getting signed.

Yo, PRE-season matters people. And if you still don’t think so, analyze each teams PRE-season performance. I’m pretty sure you will make comparisons as to who is looking good and sharp compared to other teams who are not or what teams are looking promising for regular season compared to those who are not.

We can look at some teams now and I’ll just keep it neutral and let it marinate in your mind. Just be honest about it, its self explanatory:

Sacramento Kings
Los Angeles Lakers
Brooklyn Nets
San Antonio Spurs
Boston Celtics
Chicago Bulls

Check out these teams. Each team I named is measured differently than the other, of course. I haven’t seen extensively all of these teams play, but I’ve at least watched 30 minutes to an hour of each of them and looked at the stats. some teams look like they are badly trying to figure things out, while others are loaded and are on the rise.

A lot of factors that come into play when you sit down and think about it. But, when I hear someone downplay PRE-season. I don’t buy it. I think it’s kind of funny. I’ve played, coached and officiated basketball and the highest I’ve gone is semi-pro. Don’t sleep on it.

I know personally, I want to know my team, the personnel of my team, the ins and outs of my team and what is to come for my team. It’s a measuring stick.

Aight. I hope you all continue to watch or listen in on the PRE-season games. It’s going to be an exciting season. I’m pumped about it. It’s going to be stellar. I’m seeing around the league that teams are a lot more balanced than they have been in the last few years. I’m looking forward to the competition.

-LeXXah Drew It & Alexis Wilson wrote it-

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