the Alexis Wilson Song Factory llc. – Songwriting & Production

So I know that I’ve already introduced myself, but my NEW BLOG is still fresh on the scene, so I’ll introduce myself again. I am LeXXah Drew (, a songwriter with the Alexis Wilson Song Factory LLC (AWSFLLC).

Songwriting has always been a huge passion of mine. I love singing and love the artistry, but for this current time period, songwriting is where I belong and where I’m needed.

My team and I are students and researchers of music. Staying up on the music game is important to us because trends are always changing. Music is always changing. Concepts, melodic structures, creative juices and anything along those lines have to stay fresh & clever.

The Alexis Wilson Song Factory LLC., a team of Songwriters

I always say that I have so much creativity that I could give some away and still have plenty leftover. Lol. I know it’s old school, but the old school has taught the present quite a bit, so don’t knock it.

AWSFLLC (, writes pop, dance, r&b, hip hop, soft rock, country, soul etc. the list goes on. I would describe our songwriting team as a mixture of genres in one record. That’s the beauty about art, you can break the rules and it’s a beautiful thing. But of course, you have to know when to break them. Timing is crucial.

There are some people who stay in the lane because a label or A&R or whoever tells you to stay in that lane. AWSFLLC doesn’t want to. Call it defiance or stubborness, or even bull headed. We dare to be different, the real different not the fake different, theirs a difference. Its not just in one area, but in different areas. We thrive off of switching up the combos. Every song we send out is a stellar hit record and/or a highly marketable song. If its not one of the 2, we don’t send it out or allow anyone to hear it. What’s the point?

We work with a team of producers and are always looking out for Hot, New, fresh, stellar sounding programmers/beat makers to work with. Any producer, programmer or beat maker we work with, we are in it to make a stellar record, bigger and larger than life, the marketability for the placement of the song is high and/or profitable.

A great song has to have goals and a purpose. We understand that it’s almost equivalent to an individual. The song/record is an actual business, is an actual brand. Okay, maybe I’m getting to deep with it. I don’t want to scare anybody, but I want the reader to understand where our heads are at.

Mentality & business sense is extremely significant, so we treat it as such and some. If you don’t like it, you may not want to work with us. The goal is to break bread and everyone gets their fair share. We live about the honor system its as simple as that. Expectations are high. We are in pursuit of perfection. I know that motto is taken by LEXUS, but there is something about that name and my name that just has a strong connection. A name does have power!!! It speaks Uniqueness!!

We have worked with some Indies and are currently working with some A&R’s to place with major artists. I’m not going to name drop for you. I know alot of people do that, but again, we do things differently. Its pretty simple, if you like what we are doing and like/love what you hear, you’ll work with us, if you don’t, then you won’t. No pressure! Everybody’s HAPPY! We keep it moving and no respect is lost.

This music thing right here is a process, but our team continues to home in on the craft, stay positive, stay persistent, persevere and stay determined. We are on our grind. Doors are opening & God is working. He knows the desire of our hearts and the quality of work that we dish out and people know it as well.

The Alexis Wilson Song Factory LLC., a team of Songwriters

We do not have our songs available to listen to, publicly, but we do have a way for A&Rs, managers, producers, beat makers, & programmers to listen to some samples of our work (those who are serious & legit). We are very particular on who we work with, we don’t just work with anyone. Again, just know that I’m being honest, blunt and to the point. Its not about feelings its about business.

If you are interested in the Alexis Wilson Song Factory LLC. songwriting, based off what you read and would like to get in touch with us, we can be reached at 678.744.5396 or by email at We will want to hear some of your material, a site preferably like soundcloud, reverbnation, youtube, Facebook, and/or your website.

Alright. It is out there again. I am LeXXah Drew you can look me up on FB or just google me if that’s easier. I am not hard to find. The Alexis Wilson Song Factory LLC is affiliated with me & I with it. AWSFLLC, we don’t just write stellar songs, we Are vocal producers and vocal arrangers.

Yo LeXXah Drew it & Alexis Wilson wrote it.

Instagram & Cinegram: @LeXXahDrew


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