“Selective STUPID!!!!”

Some people have selective hearing. Some people claim it and then some people don’t claim it.

Then you have those who are just plain shady out of nowhere or in this case, selective stupid.

Ever been around someone who just all of a sudden goes ignorant? They don’t remember the last discussion you had with them, which was pretty important?
Or you call to follow up and stupid comments or temporary amnesia arises when it’s evident that that person has no history of that disorder.


It’s crazy. I thought I heard it all, had seen it all, but that definitely isn’t the case. It’s definitely a choice that people seem to make, choosing to be selective stupid.

I honestly don’t understand it. I feel like if you have the audacity to be selective stupid, be stupid all the time. At least then I can expect tge stupidity consistently from you. I’d have respect for you in that regard, but the inconsistency and hiatus of the concept will not suffice with me.

You see the selective stupid a whole lot in the music industry. It meshes so well with the shadiness. people forget, beat around the bush, try to hurry up and get off the phone. Lol. And the communication will be like once every 2 and 3 months, if that.

Sometimes the selective stupid is misleading and you are trying to figure out what went wrong. Why all of a sudden the communication just went bunkers after a conversation or two.

But I think the main thing is just understanding that selective stupidity does exist. It is alive and well. U can’t really stop it or avoid it. It can jump into anybody these days, but you keep going.

It lets you know who is for and who is not. Or the for you part is broken down into specific periods. It’s not for the long hall.

-LeXXah Drew It-