Stay Ahead, NOT Behind

Are you playing the game?

If you are,

Are you a student?

I hope so.

Are you sitting in front of your class or are you seated two and four seats behind. Don’t tell me you’re sitting in the very back.

I hope not, I won’t take you seriously.

Are you a leader or a follower? I’d like to think that in this game, you are a leader.

That you are trying to stay ahead of the trend, the trends. You desire to always uphold the title, “Trendsetter.”

Is it easy? No, it isn’t. But you made the decision right? You made that choice once you stepped in the sparring circle.

You said you were ready to ball hard, that you could tango with the BIG BOYS. You said that you were cold at what you do.

It is the only way to stay on top of your game. You never hear people say, “Yo dog, I’m on the bottom of my game!”

Lol…………What!!!!!!?????? Are you forreal!!???? That is a quick way to cancelĀ  out both the people who don’t belong in your camp let alone, the people who do belong in your camp.

What is the next move? Is that on your mind? It should be. Don’t think narrow. Think outside of your hood, your block, your territory.

I’m not feeling the box, its played out. The world is a sphere. Think outside the sphere. Outside of this sphere we inhabit is a galaxy and let me tell you, its SUPER BIG!

If that is so, you are sure to stay ahead of the game and not behind.

-LeXXah Drew It-

Instagram & Cinegram: @LeXXahDrew