Complicated Chick

Imma complicated chick
That feels passionate about the things categorized as, “other” it’s just different.
Imma complicated chick
That mingles closely to the concept, “from listening comes wisdom”
Imma complicated chick
Because the madness in this world, in my community makes me angry. I let it go & it comes back & I let it go & continue to move with purpose.
Imma complicated chick
That knows that in this world money is the savior of life.
It’s a jacked up situation! I know.
Imma complicated chick
Who sits in her room & cries about conflict of interest & it’s effect on those who have not. It’s called sincerity not pity.
Imma complicated chick
Who speaks boldly about sports as if I get paid millions of dollars to commentate. This thing is serious.
Imma complicated chick who hates the idol power of the dollar, the root of its sickness & the contradicting advertising that fuels the id, to lust after lust & materialistic things.
Imma complicated chick
That is gifted, since the day I was born. They were ordained wealthy, so the host shall be so too. I spoke it and so therefore I believe it.
Imma complicated chick
I live life as action with very little or absence of no words.
Imma complicated chick
Because even when people think they understand my mind, my spirit, my disposition,………….they really don’t.
Imma complicated chick
Didn’t you know!!?? Imma female. I have too much estrogen not to be. I’m just bein honest.
Imma complicated chick
Just because a person says no, doesn’t mean that they didn’t say yes. This my friend is about perception. Will you fight? Or just accept?
Imma complicated chick
I work hard for myself, for my team, for those who I support & support me. I be lookin out.
Imma complicated chick
The popular thing ain’t my thing. The popular thing for me is the unpopular things. I’s is a peculiar person.
Yea, imma complicated chick
My clutter is what makes me beautiful. Everything is more beautiful because of doom’s existence. I’m really cool with Achille’s.
Imma complicated chick

-LeXXah Drew It-

Instagram & Cinegram: @LeXXahDrew


Basketball DNA – LeXXah Drew

There are many athletes out here that have that Athlete DNA and I happen to be one of them. Some people don’t have the talent, heart, grind, agility, endurance, cardio, muscle mass, IQ ect. to obtain this, all in which are features and characteristics of Athlete DNA, but I have truly been Blessed. Its an honor actually. There are a multitude of sports on this planet, but the sport I would like to focus on the most is Basketball.

Basketball is not only my favorite sport, but a sport that I have played, coached and officiated. So, that info alone tells you that the intelligence and experience of the game runs through my veins and my blood. I can not deny it.

I have a huge appreciation for female athletes no matter what sport they play. The sacrifice that female athletes make is a testament of the strength, determination and will of a woman. Its not easy. The obligations, roles and responsibilities that females take on is alot of stress on the genetic makeup of a female body. I have no complaints though. The stress, the soreness, the daily workout routine, staying fit and staying healthy is one of the greatest things ever.

I’m LeXXah Drew, point guard/shooting guard, #3, Defensive guru, athletic, quick, fast, high basketball IQ and……….well, to make a long story short, I have Basketball DNA and I show it with class and confidence.


-LeXXah Drew It-

One Day I’ll Introduce Myself to my Mom

I will say “Hello” to her. I will tell her my name. The name of the real idea of me. I will not lie.

I want her to one day know who her daughter is and how she came to be. She has a right to know. She is my Mother.

The person that she knows according to her isn’t really me. Some of it is, but not all. A long time ago I created an image of myself on the right side of my brain.

I loved my identity. I loved what I saw. I told my image that I wanted to be just like her. I looked up to her so much that becoming one with her would allow me to be me but the way I always imagined and dreamed.

Call it an improved version of myself. My Momma doesn’t know this version of myself. But I would like for her to know that me. One day! Right now she is not ready and it is safer to just play my role as the daughter she knows.

Some call this the alter ego. After all I am an all around artist, a Renaissance chick. Others may call it crazy, schizophrenia, touched or “Special”!

Many people may not be familiar with it. But those that create, imagine or dream on a class 5 mutant level, already know where I’m coming from.

I love my Mother. She is a beautiful woman, a Holiness woman. It will be a beautiful day when I introduce myself to her. It will compare much like, but not quite like, being born again.

She may not hold me as she did when I was a baby, but the hug will be genuine.

I already know that some people reading this might for a second think that this other version of me is bad or negative in some way, but I’m not at all.

Have you ever imagined being who you are in another way? Not like someone else, more like someone else and that someone else just so happens to be you. It may be complicated to understand for some, but for those who have an open mind about it, it’s very feasible.

The stories that I will share with my Mom will be grand. It will be like an adventure that she’s reading from a book and after hearing it all she will be in awe and I think she will like that version of me.

I would never get rid of the one she knows though. To shun that version all together would be selfish. That version of me is the strongest connection that she has with that me.

But one day, one day, one day, she will know. Signs around me will let me know. They always do. I will stay forever watchful.

-LeXXah Drew It-

The Earrings MESSAGE:


I wear earrings because I want to look pretty.

I need a different look, a new feel to change how I see myself in the mirror.

I want to look upon myself in another light to remind me that there is beauty on the inside of me even if it is outside adornment for a moment.

I want to view my innocence, to forget how people use to look at me and how they may look at me now. Not that it matters because I have matured. But still, the way you meet the public does matter.

I want to feel confident. I want to smile and be happy with the way that I look. My approval means everything, my attitude means alot, I gotta feel good about how I look.

I want to convince myself that I’m a Big Girl, that I mean something to me.

I want to show these moments to my kids. I want to display the peace about my appearance.

Its about being somebody to me, accepting myself as who I am and all that I can be.

To be a stellar chick, lady and woman, wearing them supports all that, upscale and prestigious style. I love the elegance.

I am elegant and prestigious.

I want to compliment my facial features, to breathe with ease, to enjoy my youth and delete negative stress if and when present.

I want to look, feel and do better than I did and was on yesterday.

I can see me in the right way, a beautiful way, a magnificent way……….


-LeXXah Drew It-

Instagram & Cinegram: @LeXXahDrew